Achieving Your Teaching Dreams: Understanding APS Scores in South Africa

Embarking on a teaching career in South Africa requires more than just a passion for education. Your ticket to the classroom lies in a Higher Certificate with a solid Admission Point Score (APS). Let’s delve into the world of APS scores and uncover the essentials you need to kickstart your teaching journey.

Decoding APS Scores for Teaching

Your Admission Point Score (APS) is a crucial metric derived from your Higher Education performance. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 80-100%: APS score of 7 points
  • 70-79%: APS score of 6 points
  • 60-69%: APS score of 5 points
  • 50-59%: APS score of 4 points
  • 40-49%: APS score of 3 points
  • 30-39%: APS score of 2 points
  • 0-29%: APS score of 1 point

Different academic qualifications come with varying APS scores. A Higher Certificate typically carries 15 APS, a Diploma boasts 18 APS, and a Bachelor’s Degree commands 21+ APS.

Calculating Your APS Score

To pursue a teaching career, your APS score becomes critical. For instance, TUT University requires a minimum APS score of 25 for teaching. This score is achievable with a National Certificate of Bachelor’s Degree and specific language or mathematics proficiency.

TUT University APS Score for Teaching

If TUT University is your destination, aim for an APS score of 25. Meeting this requirement for BEd Foundation Phase Teaching involves having a National Certificate of Bachelor’s Degree and specific language or mathematics scores. The APS score for BEd Intermediate Teaching is also 25, with expertise in subjects like Physical Sciences, Geography, Life Sciences, or History. BEd Phase and FET Teaching requires an APS score of 24, coupled with level four proficiency in Maths and English.

APS Score for Teaching at Unisa

If Unisa is calling you, strive for an APS score of 15, and don’t settle for anything less. A Higher Certificate is also mandatory. Aspiring teachers at Unisa should have completed a Bachelor of Education, demonstrating proficiency in Language and Mathematics.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Minimum Requirements for Teacher Education:
    • Successful completion of a four-year Bachelor’s (BEd) followed by a one-year Postgraduate Certificate.
  2. Required APS Score for Teaching:
    • Aim for an APS score between 21-23.
  3. Best Subject for Teaching:
    • Opt for Bachelor of Education (BEd) for a rewarding teaching career.
  4. High APS Score:
    • A high APS score is 42, indicative of excellent performance with a percentage of 80% or above.
  5. Purpose of APS Score:
    • APS score serves as a yardstick for determining eligibility for various courses.
  6. Is APS Score a Percentage?
    • No, APS score is a converted percentage reflecting your academic performance.


In your pursuit of a teaching career in South Africa, understanding the nuances of APS scores is paramount. This guide equips you with the knowledge to assess where you stand and the steps needed to meet the requirements for a fulfilling career in teaching. Your journey begins with grasping the essence of APS scores and embracing the path to educational excellence.

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